Choosing the best camera for a beginner photographer

If you are a beginner photographer, perhaps you already have the experience of shooting on a pocket camera and have an account in Instagram with a hundred subscribers, where you post photos taken on the smartphone. But at some point you may want to do more: take up creative photography, or just get high-quality shots in conditions that your equipment can not handle. In this case you need a good camera. Nowadays, there are plenty of various cameras on the market ranging from Hybrid mirrorless camera to the latest DSLR. Of course, it’s not easy to choose the right one.

First, let’s determine which camera to choose, what functions you will need to learn photography and creative photography. The first requirement is manual settings. The camera should have them. Moreover, all manual settings should be at hand, easily accessible. Cheap compact cameras most often do not have the ability to manually set basic parameters.

Compact cameras are convenient and easy to operate, but do not provide the same creative potential as DSLRs.

The second requirement is the ability to take the pictures with a blurred background. Separating the main object from the back and foreground with a shallow depth of field is a very common artistic technique that should be in the arsenal of any photographer. But you cannot get such a blur in the frame with any camera. First of all, the size of the image sensor is important. The more it is, the better. In the mirror chambers, large matrices are traditionally used: the format is 24×36 mm or APS-C (approximately 23.5 x 15.6 mm).

All cameras can be divided into three groups: “professional”, semi-professional and “amateur”.


All mirror and mirrorless cameras can be safely divided into three groups: “professional”, semi-professional and “amateur”. A professional camera in this case is not even a matter of specific functions – all cameras take shots according to the same principles, using the same functions. The way a photographer works with these functions determines how professional they are. Each important function is assigned with its own button or lever, and the settings are changed by simultaneously pressing the corresponding button and rotating a certain selector. That is, you need to know not only where to access a certain function, but also in which cases to apply this or that setting.

Working with both professional or semi-professional camera, you will have to use a multitude of buttons and levers.


For a beginner photographer experts do not recommend buying a brand new, expensive camera. First of all, it takes a lot of time to learn how to operate it properly. Secondly, if you don’t work with this camera properly, it will soon break down and you will have to cough up a huge sum of money to fix it. That’s why it is best to search for a good camera in local classifieds. what’s more, you will be able to learn some useful tricks from a photographer who sells it.

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